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Evidence of Miracles Production Company, LLC

About Founder Robin Marie Potwora

My vision is to produce shows that have mass-audience appeal with a never dared to imagine hoped-for proof that divine miracles are real! In time, establish Studio Restaurants in exotic locations while creating a worldwide enterprise of miracle-based programs, businesses, products, and services.

Founder Robin Maire Potowra.

Palm Beach County, Florida, Ontario, Canada, and the Northwest Hills of Connecticut,  are some of the places I called home over the years. I'm a middle-aged amateur chef, political enthusiast, animal rights advocate, and interior decorator who has just enough acting, producing, writing, and publishing experience to make me dangerous!  

Evidence of Miracles Production Company was created in response to back-to-back divine encounters. The events changed me forevermore; how I view life, death, and the meaningfulness of my time here on earth. Suddenly, highly important things were irrelevant as if my soul was a computer and it received a divine download; in an instant, I was changed. I recall thinking, who's going to believe me, they'll think I've gone mad! Then I gained some perspective after recalling the words of Pastore Bill Johnson of the Bethel Church in Redding, CA, "Jacob, wrestled with an angle, and he limped for the rest of his life. Sometimes the mark God puts on our life from a divine encounter looks like a blemish to everybody else."  


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