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 Mission Statement

Prove divine miracles are real! 


Vision Statement

Create a worldwide enterprise of miracle-based programs, businesses, products, and services.  


Introducing two shows, This Miracles for You and Evidence of Miracles. The Studio Restaurant, which doubles as our broadcast studio and is where we host events. The Studio Sheet, is an in-house publication that showcases the guests of our shows, restaurant patrons, our Chef's culinary masterpieces, and stories about divine miracles from around the world.


This Miracles for You, is the first Christian miracle-based reality show. The only reality program broadcast from a mansion featuring rich and famous houseguests.  Evidence of Miracles, is the first miracle-based show to offer medical proof of divine miracles and the first of its kind to be broadcast from a restaurant.

Studio Restaurant:

Because Evidence of Miracles is broadcast from our Studio Restaurant we're able to offer a multitude of services and events under one roof. Gourmet dining in a sophisticated setting from where our show is broadcast, miracle meetings are hosted,  gospel singers come to sing, and  Church leaders come to speak.   

Studio Sheet:

The Studio Sheet is an in-house pictorial publication.  It's made of heavy thick shiny paper, capturing highlights from our shows and patrons of the Studio Restaurant.  Showcasing entrees that display our Chef's finest culinary art, and snapshots from scheduled events.

Phase one complete:

  • Form a production company.

  • Construct an Internet website.

  • Create two shows and attach talent.

Phase two in progress:

  • Pre-screening with potential guests for EOM.

  • Business plan.

Phase three: 

  • Attach producer.

  • Pre-production. 


Phase four:

  • Production of This Miracles for You.

  • Production of Evidence of Miracles.

  • Studio Restaurant's grand opening.

  • Studio Sheet's premier issue.


Phase five is the broadcast of our pilot episodes!  

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